Sara Blumenthal
is Director of Student Services & Public Information at Maitripa College in Portland, Oregon.
Amy Groncznack
is a recently retired member of the Northwest Dharma Association board of directors.
Bill Hirsch
is secretary of the Northwest Dharma Association and co-founder of Eco-Sangha Seattle.
Jeff Kerr
is treasurer of the Northwest Dharma Association. He is a graduate student in criminal justice in Portland.
Connie Moffitt
is a longtime Dharma student in the Rimé tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. She was a member of the core Steering Committee for Seeds of Compassion, and Senior Editor on staff. Currently, she is Foundation and Corporate Manager at People For Puget Sound.
Timothy O’Brien
is volunteer Program Coordinator for the Northwest Dharma Association.
“Eddie Peavey”
is the nom de plume of a Northwest Buddhist and 12 Step practitioner.
Elaine Rose
practices psychotherapy, meditation, and living life during interesting times. She lives in Seattle and is active with the Buddhist Peace Fellowship.
Nick Vail
is current president of the Northwest Dharma Association. He is also Program & Outreach Manager at Nalanda West, Seattle.
Julie Welch
is immediate past president of the Northwest Dharma Association and editor of the Northwest Dharma News.
Jody Woodruff
is a retired social worker and educational film writer who now writes freelance from Talent, Oregon.
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Caterina De Re, Amy Groncznack, Timothy O’Brien, Julie Welch.
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