Rev. Guo Cheen
grew up as a baptized Lutheran in the suburbs of south Puget Sound. Now a Buddhist nun ordained in the Chinese Zen tradition of Venerable Master Hsuan Hua, she lives near Seattle and is active in many interfaith endeavors, including the Compassion Action Network (CAN).
Phil Crean
is current president of the board of Seattle Insight Meditation Society and co-founder, with Cora Edmonds, of the Namaste Children’s Fund.
Heidi Enji Hoogstra
is a member of the Dharma Rain Zen Center and is active in the Portland chapter of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship.
Timothy O’Brien
is Program Coordinator of the Northwest Dharma Association.
Ron Stewart
is Facility Coordinator at Sea to Sky Retreat Centre near Whistler, British Columbia. A former air traffic systems engineer, he has been a student of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche since 1976.
Nick Vail
is Seattle vice-president of the Northwest Dharma Association, as well as Program and Outreach Manager for Nalanda West, Center for American Buddhism.
Jordan Van Voast
serves on the Board of the Dharma Friendship Foundation and is the co-founder of CommuniChi, a community acupuncture clinic on Seattle’s Beacon Hill.
Julie Welch
is current president of the Northwest Dharma Association.
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