Kaj Wyn Berry
is active with the Puget Sound Zen Center and a former member of the Northwest Dharma Association board. A photojournalist, calligrapher, writer and editor, she is interested in art, education, and the environment.
Caterina De Re
is an interdisciplinary artist and scholar who integrates Buddhism in performance, composition and multi-media. She was introduced to Theravadan meditation in the 80s, and later became a follower of Tibetan Buddhism in the Kagyu and Nyingma lineages.
Laura Ellis
serves on the board of the Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism in Seattle.
Bill Hirsch
is a priest in the (Chinese Hua Yen/Pure Land) White Cloud Buddhist Society and one of the founding members of EcoSangha Seattle. A freelance writer who travels widely in Asia, he serves as secretary on the board of the Northwest Dharma Association.
Heidi Enji Hoogstra
is a member of the Dharma Rain Zen Center and is active in the Portland chapter of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship. She is Oregon coordinator of the Northwest Dharma News.
Sally Metcalf
Sally Metcalf (ZenKa), of Bainbridge Island, is a student of Genjo Marinello Osho's. She is often found doing samu (work practice) in the zendo garden with her sangha friends.
Timothy O'Brien
is executive director of the Northwest Dharma Association and guides the Path of Freedom Sangha.
Thomas O'Kelly
lived 20 years in the Orient, including several in Taiwan where he worked as a radio news reporter. He is of Soto Zen orientation.
Julie Welch
lives in Seattle and is current president of the Northwest Dharma Association.
Kobai Scott Whitney
is guiding teacher of Plum Mountain Refuge in Hoquiam, WA. A former prison chaplain, he is particularly interested in post-prison work and recovery issues.
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