There are several different ways one can look for blogs on a particular subject. (Try technorati or bloglines if you don't mind signing up, or use the blogs search feature of Google.) For an event like Seeds of Compassion, it's possible only through a mosaic of personal encounters to begin to appreciate the scope of it. I must have looked at over a hundred blogs, and I've narrowed it down to thirteen of the best from several points of view. Not surprisingly, many of them were involved in some way as volunteers at the event and give a refreshing behind the scenes look.

~Heidi Enji Hoogstra

Bloggers on Seeds of Compassion

Young Adults

Both of these young bloggers were in the orchestra. This one appreciated HH The Dalai Lama's response on how to get past anger. David's highlight was Desmond Tutu's take on righteous anger.


A good number of bloggers reflected on their own actions and how the lessons from the great spiritual leaders caused them to change course, or at least change their thinking. It's a booklist. It's a dialogue. It's a regret over a missed dialogue.

Dalai who? Several Christian bloggers were incensed that Rob Bell and Doug Pagitt would join an interfaith panel with the Dalai Lama. This young women defends interfaith dialogue admirably. So does Doug Pagitt, see below. A behind-the-scenes look from a volunteer who meets the Dalai Lama, and finds he is "just another human being greeting another. Equally important: the Dalai Lama on putting compassion into action; and the music.


Until I looked for blogs, I did not realize how important art was in creating the mosaic that remembers Seeds of Compassion. The complete graphic transcription can be found here: Patti describes what the team of artists learned while recording the event. Nancy, also part of the graphic recorder team, has time to notice and appreciate another artist, and share them with us.


Not only did they provide core material in the event, they blogged about it. Doug Pagitt was on the panel. Either he'd already heard whispers, or he had a good idea his presence there as a Christian would raise some hackles, as he mentions detractors in this video. He records himself while driving to Portland after the event, is quite jazzed about the experience, and is amazingly well-spoken while also driving and passing other cars. Karen was a co-host of at least one workshop, and shares a couple of inspiring anecdotes.

Moms This group effort covers several parts of the event. Read the posts from the bottom up for a chronological reading. Humorously self-deprecating, this mom finds the teachings reflected in a moment with a stranger. Perhaps I saved the best for the last. This harried mom (she "attempts to have it all") gets a press pass, and endearingly includes her delight in her inclusion. Read this one from the bottom up, it's all good.


Contributor: Heidi Enji Hoogstra.