NWDA Website Updates

Check out the new Calendar of Events at www.northwestdharma.org. Easy to read, easy to use!

Coming soon, the online Business & Service Directory, the "Yellow Pages" of the Dharma community. The Directory will let advertisers reach a large audience of NWDA supporters who can then support them by choosing their skills, services, and products. More information will appear on the NWDA website soon, or you can contact the Northwest Dharma office at info@nwdharma.org.

NWDA Election 2008

April 15 is the closing date for sending in ballots for the 2008 NWDA Board of Directors election. There are two elected seats open on the Board. Paper ballots were mailed to all NWDA members in the middle of March. You may return your ballot by mail or vote online by going to www.northwestdharma.org, clicking on "Welcome," and following instructions in the box in the upper right-hand corner.

eNews "Buddy System"

Alas, not all NWDA members are able to receive the online version of the Northwest Dharma News. A few months back one of our loyal but cyber-less members sent us a gentle lament that led to a compassionate solution. The eNews is easy to print so each person without internet access can connect with a "buddy" who does get the eNews. The wired one can print it and send it–remember the U.S. Postal Service?–to his or her partner.

We have one pair of "buddies" so far. If you know of folks who are missing out on the News because they're not online and/or you're interested in being a "buddy" please let us know at www.northwestdharma.org

Seattle Buddhist Festival Hiatus

NWDA requested via email in November and in the November-December issue of the News that Seattle-area sanghas step forward to take a major role in organizing the 2008 Seattle Buddhist Festival/Change Your Mind Day. In January, we repeated this call for a festival planning committee and placed it on the agenda for the February Annual Meeting.

Unfortunately the response was meager. Because there was insufficient interest for a planning committee to come into being, the Festival will go "on retreat" this year. With enough support the Seattle event may return in 2009.

Portland Buddhist Festival: "Harmony in the Park"

Colonel Summers Park, June 7

Portland-area sanghas, temples, and Northwest Dharma members are working on the 5th Annual Portland Buddhist Festival.

Scheduled for noon to 4:30 p.m., June 7, at Colonel Summers Park (SE 17th and Taylor), the popular event will once again feature teachings, workshops, children’s programs, food, and vendors. Lead organizer is the Portland Buddhist Peace Fellowship. More information is available on their website, http://portlandbuddhistfestival.com. ⊕