Belt–Tightening Measures Mean One Less Issue of the News

Like many non–profit organizations these days, the Northwest Dharma Association is experiencing financial pressure because of reduced income.

Because our budget is always lean there are few areas in which we can trim expenses and still continue to serve our members and the Buddhist community in the Northwest. One of these is production of the bimonthly Northwest Dharma News.

So, we’re sorry to announce that instead of six issues of the News this year, we’ll be able to offer only five. The next issue will appear in November. We extend our regrets to both occasional readers and our regular fans.

The Northwest Dharma Association remains committed to offering the online News freely, to all who are interested in the rich Buddhist resources of our region.

As always — and especially in these difficult times — we rely on your generosity to make ours possible.

Now is the Time

Just a small donation from each of the many of you who have ever benefited from the work of the Northwest Dharma Association would make a tremendous difference to us right now!

Have you seen your sangha pictured in these pages? Read about a new teacher? Learned about other people interested in ideas important to you?

Have you sent an inquisitive friend to the Northwest Dharma website to find out more about local sitting groups? Used the Calendar to look for a retreat?

Are you interested in the future of the Dharma in this region? In the West? Curious about other Buddhist traditions in addition to your own?

The Northwest Dharma Association is a unique and essential institution because it supports not only the exchange of information among seekers and providers, but also the exchange of ideas and aspirations. NWDA both serves and creates a community.

Please don’t take this community for granted. Its existence is fragile.

You can support the Northwest Dharma community by becoming an NWDA member and/or making an additional donation, by encouraging your Dharma friends and teachers to join, or by pledging a monthly or quarterly gift. Your generosity benefits many others!

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