Sharon Cohen
lives in Twisp, WA and practices Dharma in the Theravada tradition. She is a founder and long-time supporter of the Methow Valley mixed sangha.
Caterina De Re
is an interdisciplinary artist and scholar who integrates Buddhism in performance, composition and multi-media. She was introduced to Theravadan meditation in the 80s, and later became a follower of Tibetan Buddhism in the Kagyu and Nyingma lineages.
Amy Groncznack
lives in Seattle, where she works as a technical editor. Her interest in Buddhism, writing, and photography led her to volunteer for the Northwest Dharma News in 2006. She is currently on the board of the Northwest Dharma Association.
Heidi Enji Hoogstra
is a member of the Dharma Rain Zen Center and is active in the Portland chapter of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship. She is Oregon coordinator of the Northwest Dharma News.
Frank Kliewer
came to Buddhism after taking a “religious preference” survey on the internet. Discovering the Buddha Gate Monastery near his home in California, he visited and became a supporter. Now residing in Seattle and active with Chung Tai, he is a development consultant.
Timothy O’Brien
is executive director of the Northwest Dharma Association.
Julie Welch
lives in Seattle and is current president of the Northwest Dharma Association.
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Kajira Wyn Berry, Caterina De Re, Kate Forster, Heidi Enji Hoogstra, Frank Kliewer, Matthew Riggen, Thada Somphone, Stephen Schildbach (cover.)
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